Saturday, February 09, 2008

Singing At The Top Of Your Lungs!

Last night we had the pleasure of going to dinner with a good friend and former co-worker of mine in Seattle. We laughed and caught up over tasty food, and generally had a great time.

After dinner, Lennie and I trekked up to Everett to join another set of friends in celebrating a birthday over drinks at Chopstix, a dueling piano bar. There's not really a great way to explain this experience, other than to say that the musicians are talented, and once the crowd gets going, you get to sing at the top of your lungs to a myriad of songs. It's like karaoke without the embarassment (i.e. you're not singing alone at a microphone), and without the handy video screen telling you the words. Plenty of songs were sung throughout the night, including favorites like Bohemian Rhapsody (Queen), Margaritaville (Jimmy Buffet), and Sweet Caroline (Neil Diamond). I had forgotten how fun it was to sit back and sing along with the pianos!

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