Sunday, June 24, 2007

Bachelorette Party

So, I have some of the coolest bridesmaids in the land. (You may think that your friends rock, but mine would put them under the table in coolness.) We had a great time at the bachelorette party, and I learned that I actually like Goldschlager. Who knew that a shot with gold flakes could be so good. (Although, perhaps the 4 drinks before that made the Goldschlager seem tasty... was the booze setting in?) The other thing that I learned is that if you're wearing a feather boa, people pay attention to you... that one little gift from the girls resulted in a round of shots for the bridesmaids, and a free admission to Tia Lou's (at $10 a head, that boa paid for itself very quickly!). Sweet deal!

Thanks, ladies, for a great night! (Oh, and even though I'm a lightweight when it comes to drinking, I truly wasn't hungover the next day... go figure!)

Tuesday, June 19, 2007

Top Five Reasons I Didn't Go To the Gym

Seems that I haven't been to the gym for about a month now. I have no excuse for not going, but seem to be using a lot of the following lately:

1. "It's late... let's go to dinner instead."
2. "I'm tired..." or "I don't feel up to it..."
3. "It's hot out!" (during the winter, this can also be "it's cold out")
4. "It's our only night together this week."

And my all time favorite:
5. "I just don't want to!"

So tell me, oh great Blogosphere, what can I do to get the gym back in my regular regime?

Monday, June 18, 2007

Weddings And Such

So, this weekend we had the divine pleasure of witnessing the marriage of two of our friends from church. It was a great ceremony, complete with two catchy hymns (I've had one of them blissfully drifting through my brain for the last 24 hours) and a few tears of joy. It was kind of surreal, really, because I sat in the congregation thinking "wow... that's going to be me in a matter of weeks!"

I'm so excited for our friends as they start their new lives together. I can't wait to be a witness to the great things that will unfold in their lives. Congratulations you two!

Saturday, June 16, 2007

Phew! We Made It!

So, this week was the annual customer event at work. This year, I think that I've been planning two weddings! We made it through the event without any major hitches (or if there were any, I don't know about them!). I'm exhausted, but glad that everyone had a great time. It was fun to have everyone in my home city of Seattle... if you're ever in town and need a hotel, try the Westin Seattle. Their staff is beyond fabulous!

Now I guess I need to concentrate on my wedding! :-) Yikes -- less than 30 days left! Stay tuned...

Sunday, June 10, 2007

"Everybody Was Kung Fu Fighting"

How many people can say that they have gone to a 50th birthday party with their parents where a male stripper was involved? I can now say that I'm in that club.

It was a surreal experience... watching as family friends enjoyed the "show." Can't say that it's an event that I ever want to repeat... Kung Fu Fighting will never be the same for me... I may have been emotionally scarred by that one. :-)

Sunday, June 03, 2007

Friends + Family = Fun!

This weekend has been absolutely awesome! It was really busy, as you will see, but I'm very blessed with a great group of people in my life, that's for sure.

I started my long weekend with dinner at Newcastle Golf Club with my parents, Lennie, and my sister & niece from Alaska on Thursday night. We got to enjoy the summer weather, great food, and an amazing sunset. Friday (a day off from work!) included running errends and a dress fitting with the girls (my sister, niece, and mom that is...) before sitting in the sunshine at the neighborhood pool. This is the life, I tell ya!

On Saturday, my bridesmaids and mother put on a great bridal shower. I am so fortunate to have such a great group of women in my life! It was fun to get together with friends and family to laugh and share in conversation with one another. The bridal shower had a recipe theme, and it was neat to see all of the different dishes that came in -- I can't wait to get into the kitchen to make some of these delectable creations! Yum!

After the bridal shower, a few of us enjoyed an evening at Chateau Ste. Michelle as we took in the Harry Connick Jr. concert. Oh, can this man sing. He can dance too! :-)

I often joke that Harry is my "other boyfriend." His voice can melt me, that's for sure! However, I wasn't one of the 20 people who brought him mango lemonade after he commented on it during the show... I know better than to try to kiss up to him. (Although, it wouldn't hurt...)

Don't worry, friends, Lennie was at the concert too, and I kept my love for Harry in check... I promise! The wedding's still happening. Oh, and Harry, if you're reading this, we wouldn't mind if you would come and sing at our wedding. (Hey! It never hurts to ask, right?)

Today included a lazy morning and an afternoon dance class with our bridal party. It turns out, we're not half bad at this whole dancing thing! I'm glad that many of us were able to get together and gain a little confidence on the dance floor... it ws a fun time. OH, and Lennie and I have finally picked out our first dance song: "Better Together" by Jack Johnson. It's a dandy tune, I think y'all will approve. (Note: I'll be walking down the aisle to Harry Connick's version of Ave Maria, so he'll be represented at the wedding too!)

I got to spend the evening with my sister and niece for one last time, as we had a laid-back BBQ at my parents house. I'm so grateful that I have such a great family, and really enjoyed the warm Seattle weekend with these two great ladies... thanks for making the trip to Seattle!