Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Cirque du Soleil and New Furniture

Last weekend was another whirlwind! We spent Saturday morning at an estate sale, where we scored a great black leather recliner for an absolute steal, and my mother purchased a beautiful -- but heavy -- dining set. And there were a lot of stairs between the street and our new furniture.

While I enjoyed lunch with friends from college, Lennie and my mother began scheming on how they were going to get the furniture out of the house and back to the Eastside. It was great to see my friends from Whitworth; great conversation and some good laughs. As I was leaving, I learned that my family had rented a truck, and I headed to meet them back at the estate sale. After a lot of heavy lifting by many, and a few close calls on the stairs, the furniture was safely secured within the truck and making it's way to my parent's house. The table looks great in my parent's dining room, and I find the new recliner to be quite comfy.

On Sunday, we took advantage of the elusive Spring sunshine and got some work done in the yard. Sunday afternoon brought us back to my parents, were we enjoyed an early dinner before taking in the Cirque du Soleil show "Kooza." The show is being held under a big top style tent at Marymoor Park in Redmond. Much like the show "Ka" that we took in last month while in Las Vegas, the show was amazing. I was surprised that our back row seats still had a great view, and that the theater felt intimate, even though it was me and 2,499 of my favorite Seattleites! If you get a chance to see the show "Kooza," I say go for it -- it's definitely a great show!

Monday, June 07, 2010

Weekend Wanderings

We've been enjoying our new house, and feel like we're finally settled in. Over Memorial Day weekend, we got most of our pictures hung on the walls, just in time to share meals with good friends and family. It was great fun to have people over to our place -- and actually have enough room to host them for a meal! :-)

This past weekend, we took advantage of the Saturday sunshine and did some work around the yard. Saturday afternoon, we meandered down to "Duvall Days" to take in the street fair and enjoy a late lunch. While at the street fair, we stopped by the Lake Washington Technical College campus, where I received a free mini-facial and learned that I can make spa appointments on a budget... I will definitely be back there! After walking around for a while, we stopped in to the Duvall Grill for lunch. The food was amazing, and the waitstaff was outstanding. I have never enjoyed such a fresh salad, and Lennie ranked the bacon & blue burger amongst his top 10 burgers. We will definitely be back there -- and if you're ever in Duvall, I recommend that you drop by for a great meal!

Sunday brought grey skies and rain, which we escaped by going to a friend's dance recital. It was interesting seeing all of the kids dancing... made me wish that I had a little more rhythm, and a lot more coordination. Guess those tap and ballet lessons that I took when I was in kindergarten only go so far though... heh.