Saturday, March 28, 2009

Getting in Shape

Over the past few weeks, I've been trying to get back to the gym and get in better shape. So far, so good... I've gotten in to the gym three to four days a week, and have found that if I can simply get my car into the garage at the gym, I'm home free -- getting there is half the battle, I guess. Anyhow, my body has been responding to the trips to the gym, mostly in a good way, but I'm also pretty sore. Isn't it funny how making your body better through working out involves some pain? Ugh, when do the sore muscles stop?

My company moved offices yesterday, which meant carrying a lot of boxes and heavy items up and down two flights of stairs. We made great progress, but in the middle of the day, my body said to me: "Why didn't you call in sick today? That would have been way more fun!" Alas, I made it through, and I get to set-up my new desk with a view of 405 Monday morning. Fun!

So, I'm ready to start the weekend after moving the office... perhaps one or two trips to the gym and some quality time with my hubby... who knows what the weekend brings! :-)

Saturday, March 14, 2009

Save the Drama for your Mama

This week, I've found myself saying "save the drama for your mama" more than I would like. It's not that I'm having a dramatic week (far from it), it's just that it seems that there are a few parts of my life that seem to be overly dramatic, and I'm kind of tired of the drama and energy that goes into it. So, I say: save the drama for your mama.

In other news, our association has decided that grills with "open flames" are too dangerous and must be removed from all of our units "or else." Thus, we have to get rid of our propane BBQ grill. It kind of makes me angry that I'm being denied the right to go out onto my porch to grill up some salmon and or make a great burger. I guess that's the price that you pay for living in a condo complex...

I'm ready, though, to think about moving to a place where we don't share walls with our neighbors, and where I'm allowed to have a simple barbeque grill. Needless to say: anyone need a BBQ?

Thursday, March 05, 2009

Where the Pets Go?!

I am the proud owner of two fantail goldfish. They're pretty low maintenance, nice to look at, and sometimes entertaining. I recently cleaned out the fish tank and discovered that I was in need of some supplies to keep the tank in tip-top condition. So, I ventured to the nearest chain pet supply store at the mall to grab a few items. As I was standing in the back of the store looking at the different options on the shelf, I noticed something moving by my foot. Not just any something... oh no, it was a big fat roach skittering across the floor, coming out from it's hiding place right underneath the shelf I was looking at. To say that I was grossed out would be a little bit of an understatement. My first instinct was to stomp on it and then run away completely grossed out.

But then, I had one little thought: "Is it really okay to kill an animal (okay, a roach) in a pet store, or is there something a little wrong about that?" Needless to say, I let the little critter live.

A little disconcerting, though was the response that I got from the completely appethetic worker at the check-out stand. I walked up quite calmly and stated that perhaps they should consider cleaning the fish section of the store, as there was a little roach friend who was making his home there. The checker looked at me blankly and said, "Uh, okay... did you find everything today?" Yeah... and then some!

Perhaps it's time for me to start shopping at the non-chain pet store down the street... at least I haven't encountered any roaches there yet!