Monday, February 10, 2014

Snowy Sourdough-y Sunday

We had a snow day on Sunday, so we took the opportunity to play in the snow with Matthew. He was hesitant at first -- excited but unsure about the mysterious white substance that had blanketed our neighborhood. Since the Seattle area is not quite known for snow, we weren't exactly prepared with snow gear; so we improvised!

Laundry baskets: also useful as a toddler sled!

Faster Daddy, faster!

This is fun!

Stop taking pictures Mom! I want to play in the snow!

After spending some time "sledding" in the neighborhood and socializing with some of our neighbors, we came inside for nap time. While Matthew was down for his nap, I intended to make us a fresh loaf of sourdough bread to accompany our dinner. What seemed like a simple task quickly turned into a royal mess!

It seems that the sourdough starter container was sealed too tightly, which made opening the container an explosive experience. Fortunately, I opened the starter in the kitchen sink; the last thing that I remember was the hissing noise that the container made as I peeled back the top. The next thing that I remember is Lennie coming around the corner asking me if I was okay. I was okay, but I was covered from head to toe in sourdough starter! It was everywhere -- dripping off of the ceiling onto my head, covering the cupboards, and it had even splattered into our dining room 10 feet away! I felt like I was in an "I Love Lucy" episode or something!

We're still finding sourdough starter around the kitchen. We worked the rest of the day to clean every surface in the kitchen; all the while laughing at the situation. If you have any ideas on how to get sourdough starter off of the ceiling, we're definitely open to suggestions!

Lennie attempting to remove the sourdough starter from the ceiling...

Sunday, February 02, 2014

Ready for the Big Game!!

Who's excited for the "Big Game" today? This household is certainly excited about the Seahawks vs. Broncos match-up! All three of us have been rocking our Seahawks gear all day, and are excited to cheer on the home team.

Showing off our Seahawks gear.

Taking advantage of the sunny winter day to get some energy out at the park before the game.

Headband art project from daycare earlier in the week.

Seahawks logo, as colored by Matthew.

Go Seahawks!