Friday, September 29, 2006

We Set the Date...

... now what? :-) Wedding planning (so far) has been interesting -- everyone has an opinion (which is great), and everyone has a vision for our wedding... which is also cool. But it seems that there's now a mountain of things to do between now and July 14th... where to begin? The reception location (I'm working on it, but seem to be finding a lot of dead ends...)? The dress? (Am I really ready to go try those on?) A photographer? Wow... that's just the tip of the iceberg... either way, this is going to be an adventure... stay tuned!

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Erica Hagel said...

Congratulations again Jill and Lennie!

My friend Jeff is a wonderful photographer. I don't know what his prices are, but if you are interested in checking him out, here is the link to his website: