Thursday, January 01, 2009

Happiness New Year 2009

Happy New Year! May you be blessed with happiness, health, love, and adventure in the upcoming year.

Space Needle fireworks, January 1, 2007. Photo by me. :)

One of the blogs that I read regularly challenged readers to define 2009 with one word instead of creating new year's resolutions. I have chosen the word happiness. In 2009, I will strive to bring happiness to those around me, to find happiness in everything that I do (to always look for the silver lining in the least), I will seek happiness, and I will find happiness in everything I do, not matter how big or small.

So, what's your word? What will define you in 2009? What can you do to make it happen?

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HoneyBee said...

Funny, that is my goal too. I was just telling D about it yesterday.