Sunday, September 28, 2008

Silly Huskies!

I shouldn't be surprised that we lost the game last night. I'm a little sad, but have decided that perhaps we're going for the perfect season; a perfectly bad season, that is... Unfortunately, our star quarterback, Jake Locker, broke his right thumb during the game last night, which may be a season-ending injury for him. I hope that it's not, and that he heals quickly.

Seattle Times writer Steve Kelley may have put it best:
Another Washington football season is doomed. Another year with Locker will end without a bowl trip.

And even before the leaves have turned, this season feels as broken as Locker's thumb.

I'm still a Husky fan, but I'm a realist too: I'll cheer (loudly) for every completed pass, every play that's well executed, but my hopes aren't high, and all that I can ask for is that we act as the "spoilers" in the Apple Cup this year against our cross-state rivals. If we can win that game, it'll be an okay season after all...


Anonymous said...

With how badly WSU is playing we might as well dub Apple Cup, battle for last! :-(

I could only listen to part of the game on Saturday but it made me sad. I read somewhere that our defense ranks 118th of 119 major schools.

KermitFan said...

Battle of the Bottom Cup -- coming soon to a wheat field near you! :-)