Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Future Careers

So, for years I've been making a little bit of a list of future careers that I would like to have. I kind of joke about it, but I'm also sometimes a little serious. I thought that I would share my list of potentially cool jobs -- maybe it'll inspire you, or maybe you have an "in" so that I can pursue trying the job out. Here goes:

  • Food critic

  • Professional blog writer

  • Travel writer (after all, I like writing, and I love traveling the world!)

  • Safeco Field scoreboard operator and graphics designer

  • Small business owner in a small(ish) town

  • Movie critic

  • Camp director

  • Large event planner -- like a convention or a really cool swanky party

  • Furniture tester

  • Zamboni driver (okay, well maybe not as a career, but I want to at least do a lap around the rink!)

  • Cruise director

  • Novel writer (who actually sells some books!)

  • Spa owner (so I can get a facial any time, right?)

  • Bed and breakfast owner -- no, lodge owner in some cute town or something

  • Tour director for a rock band

  • Short-term mission worker

  • Web site designer

  • Welder (afterall, you get to make cool stuff with fire!)

  • Something in the medical industry

  • Greeter at Wal-Mart (I'm saving this one for when I'm retirement age.)

What would be on your "ultimate jobs" list? Are you living the dream right now? What would you do differently?


HoneyBee said...

What happened to Ben and Jerry's ice cream creator?

KermitFan said...

Good point! I also forgot OPI nail polish color namer!

How could I forget such great future careers!?!