Monday, April 07, 2008


This past weekend, Lennie and I repainted the master bedroom a fun slate blue. It turned into a completely consuming weekend project. On Friday night, we emptied out the contents of our room, moving all of the furniture to different nooks and crannies of our condo. Saturday was spent taping, priming, and putting the first coat of paint on the walls. After our second night of camping out in our living room on our matresses, we got up on Sunday morning and put the final coat of paint on the walls.

Then it was off to hang out with my parents, where Lennie put together a sweet new desk for them while I helped out in the yard and enjoyed the hot tub. Love it! We reloaded the bedroom that night, rearranging furniture and generally settling back in. It's amazing to me what a difference a fresh coat of paint and an extra angle on the furniture will do to make a room, and your home, feel completely different.

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