Sunday, April 13, 2008

Community & Tiptoeing Through the Tulips

We had another great day today, starting out with a trip to church. I was reminded of the power of community, as we got to reconnect with friends and were delighted to catch up with people and exchange a few waves and smiles from across the room. I'm alwasy amazed at how God calls us to be in community with one another, and what a difference community can make. I'm really glad that we're able to go to church and connect with people.

After church, Lennie and I connected up with my parents and trekked up to the Tulip Festival in Skagit Valley. Was an uneventful drive, if you don't count the part where I said "Hey, wasn't that our exit?!" and the rest of the car kind of disagreed with me... and I was slightly right. Either way, we got a nice side tour of Mt. Vernon, and I was reminded of why it's smart to check the directions to things before you get in the car and go. It was a fun Sunday drive, and we did see some tulip fields that were partially in bloom, and a whole sea of daffodil fields that were completely in bloom. It was amazing, that's for sure! Since we chose to go to the tulip fields on a partially grey day, we were fortunate enough to find plenty of parking, and not be inundated with people in the field that we stopped at, which was definitely a nice perk. Despite the fact that the fields weren't completely in bloom, I took my fare share of photos. Here are a few of them (and here's a link to all of them) for you to enjoy:

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Christy said...

I just had my first trip to the Tulip Festival too. I was actually surprised at how much fun it was. Should've picked a grey day though, then maybe we wouldn't have gotten that parking ticket! :(