Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Toilet Seats

Disclaimer: This isn't about my husband or his habits. He's an absolute gem, especially when it comes to the bathroom!

The Sun Shines Everywhere -- Flickr Photo By 'Puss In Boots'
I have recently been pondering toilet seats, especially in the context of the age-old debate of men vs. women when it comes to putting the toilet seat down. Seems that women are always vocal about insuring that the toilet seat is placed in the "down" position when people are done with the facilities.

So, here's the question: what is it about toilet seats that draw the dividing lines amongst the sexes? Why is it that women are conditioned to get their panties in a bunch about walking in to a bathroom and seeing that the toilet seat is up? I know that I do it, my mind starts spinning about how I have to touch the toilet seat and flip it down before I get to use the facilities. Why should I feel so put out about having to "fix" the seat? Where is it written that the toilet seat needs to be put in the "down" position, and that this is the "proper" or "accurate" position? Is it that I don't want to touch the toilet seat that gets my mind spinning?

Bottom line: why did the great toilet seat debate get started, and why does it make me think every time that I walk into a bathroom with the toilet seat up?

And why am I writing about this on my blog? I dunno, but raised toilet seats have been on my mind, so now I'm flipping the weird line of thinking out to you. :-)

Flickr photo courtesy of Puss in Boots.


majorsl said...

I think that the toilet seat and the lid should be in the down position so that you don't have to see the bowl and how dirty it may be!

Anonymous said...

Probably because we've all fallen in the toilet at 2 am when we're half asleep and the seat was left up.

I'm betting it's on your mind because of the new work environment. Just a hunch. :-)

KT said...

I second what honeybee said! It only takes once or twice of falling "into" the toilet when you are still sleeping to realize the seat MUST be down.