Tuesday, June 13, 2006

Shame on You AMEX!

So, I'm a Delta SkyMiles AMEX card holder. I get double miles on a lot of things when I use my card, which is cool. But I have a beef with AMEX that I'm taking public (I've already lodged a complaint with AMEX). In an age where Internet security, privacy, and phishing scams are of the utmost importance, a credit card company should NOT be sending out promotions that require you to go to their web site and register for double miles using your FULL account number, card identification number, and e-mail address.

Seriously folks, as a marketer, I can tell you that there are safer ways for AMEX to go about signing me up for their promotion. I should be asked by a credit card company to potentially compromise my security with my account information... information that they already have if they simply cross-check their sophisticated (and hopefully secure) systems.

Do I really want double miles all summer that badly? Get real, AMEX.

1 comment:

HoneyBee said...

Obviously they put their best marketing team on this project. ;-)