Monday, June 26, 2006

Seattle Sunshine - Wahoo! Bring it!

Ahhh, what a weekend. So, it's dang hot (by Seattle standards anyway) out this weekend. I'm not complaining, I'm just telling you that I'm enjoying it by getting the first sunburn of the season. Seems that walking in the sunshine to the beach, sitting at the beach, and then going home a few hours later warrants a little sunscreen. Bah, why not live on the edge? Heh heh, ow.

Sunday included an early morning 3 mile stroll on the annual Shore Run/Walk benefiting Fred Hutchinson Cancer Research Center. My good friend HoneyBee finished 180th overall in the 5k run "without even trying." Phew, that's 4.95k more than I can run! :-)

Once again, I joined Team Torch of Life in carrying the names of friends, family, and aquaintences who have been affected by cancer. What a great way to honor these couragous people while helping to find a cure.

We also sat by my parent's community pool, along with a few dozen small children splashing in the water, on Sunday. Ahh, the good life, I tell ya.

I had to laugh today because the Yahoo weather report on my RSS feed was reporting that Seattle had a "severe weather" alert -- seems that hitting 90 degrees in Seattle is "severe." I'm a weather weenie, so I guess it is kind of severe... but it kind of makes us look like pansies to the rest of the country... I'm here to say that for the most part, we can take the heat. And unlike the rest of the country, air conditioning doesn't come standard with anything, so we're really roasting here!

Don't blink Seattle -- we're experiencing summer a week early. (Normally the sun shines on July 5th...) Enjoy it while you can!

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