Tuesday, May 16, 2006

Things Learned at a Black Eyed Peas Concert

So, I went to the BEP concert last night, with an opening act from the Pussycat Dolls. ("Don't you wish your girlfriend was hot like me?") Here are a few tidbits that I learned from the experience:
1. Apparently, humping the speakers/monitors on stage is "art."
2. Wearing your underwear, and only your underwear on stage is "fashion."
3. There's a lot of talent on the stage, but it's being overshadowed by questionable dance moves.
4. I'm too old to go to these kinds of concerts without being a chaperone for a screaming 12-year old.

With all of that said, I think that the "Evolution of Dance" MUST be shared:

This makes me feel totally better! (And I laughed a little too...)


KT said...

All I can say is what more did you expect from EVERETT? And really - the concert wouldn't have been as much fun without all the "skin".

KermitFan said...

Are you knocking the big hair and skimpy clothes of EVERETT? Could be worse, it could have been in the MC... :-)

Anonymous said...

I liked the video and I didn't have to sit through the BEP concert. Unfortunately for me, however, Caedmans was in town last weekend while I was away. I suspect you may have found that more entertaining than BEP.

= p