Sunday, April 05, 2009

Banking & Customer Service

On Friday, I decided to stop at Starbucks for a morning mocha before work. As I sat at the drive through, I handed my debit card to the barista (as I have done many times before), and awaited my coffee and my receipt. Instead, I was embarassingly informed that my card was declined four times. Yep, declined. I was incedulous, to say the least, because I had just been paid, and there was well more than the $5 required in my account. After paying for my purchase with a different card, I hurried to the office and called the bank.

Once I finally got through to Bank of America's customer service line, I was informed that my card was turned off because I was part of a "mass compromise," and a letter would be mailed to me; my new card, it seems, was mailed to my original bank branch without my knowledge, and had been sitting there for the better part of two weeks. Nice. The nice customer service lady informed me that the police had simply called and provided the bank with accounts that may have been stolen and needed to be turned off. This would have been all fine and dandy if they had informed me that they were turning my card off. Instead, the letter telling me that the card was beind deactivated was attached to the new cards; the same cards that were mailed without my knowledge to the bank branch. UGH.

To make matters worse, they cut off my hubby's card too -- his new cards should be at our house sometime soon, we think, but the customer service people don't seem to know, nor are they willing to give us more information. Nice...

Lesson learned: the key to good customer service is to communicate with the customer. Let them know what is going on with their account before it is rudely cut off... or before it sends your customers in a panic thinking that their accounts have been drained. Yep, simple communication would have made me a much happier customer!

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Gina said...

I feel your pain. I have had my card deactivated twice, yes times without my knowledge. I also went to my friendly Starbucks handed them my card and it was declined, handed them another card, same back again declined, the barista told me it had happened to a few other customers already so I think it is something wrong with the bank, no worries. Plenty of money in the accounts. The next day go to Starbucks, use the card, denied. HMMMM beggining to wonder and worry what was up. Go to the local bank to check my balance, enter my pin, atm spits out card says it's stolen....not true in my hand. So I go to the branch and they say oh, your card has been shut off. I had my new card as I was involved in a mass compromise as well, but apparently my activation did not work so the new card would not work either. The nice banker lady called and activted the card for me. I guess it was really my fault, I had the card in my purse for a about 2 weeks, I had been to lazy to change the pin.
Sorry for the novel. I really feel your pain,