Friday, October 17, 2008

Ten Seconds to the Click

Tonight, I discovered the quickest way to get a phone solicitor off of the phone. Seems that I had the opportunity to field a call from a nice call center man soliciting funds for a charity that I had vaguely heard of. I patiently listened to his spiel, and when he said "can I send you a package with a receipt for the IRS, a thank you letter, and an envelope to return your donation?"

I promptly replied, "Oh, I can't donate right now, I just got laidoff." He replied "Oh, that's too bad." and then I heard a click. End of phone conversation. Yep, within ten seconds of me saying I was laidoff (don't worry readers, I wasn't actually laidoff), he had hung up on me.

Meanwhile, at the dinner table, Lennie almost broke his neck as he snapped his head to look at me dropping this alleged "bomb" to a complete stranger before I told him... it was comical, really. After I reassured him that I wasn't laidoff, we had a good laugh about it.

Good times, good times.

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Susahn said...

Um, isn't that considered lying? :-P