Friday, May 02, 2008

Rest, Relaxation & $20 Bills

I haven't posted lately because we've been busy enjoying some rest and relaxation over the past week or so. Last weekend, we got to enjoy time with our friends at a cabin in the mountains. I can't believe how much snow is still kissing the mountaintops, it was absolutely beautiful. While Lennie and our friends went up snowmobiling, I hunkered down with a great book, went for a walk, and generally enjoyed the sun beating on my face as I breathed in some fresh mountain air.

While we were away, we visited a small church in Cle Elum for Sunday services. It was interesting being at a different church for the week. Including the four of us that came from our group, there were only 20 people at the service. But they were there to make a joyful noise for the Lord. At the end of the service, we waited for our friend to use the facilities, and the rest of the regulars socialized with one another. As we were waiting, a nice man came up to Lennie and shoved a crisp $20 bill in his hand, asking "can I pray for you?" I looked down with wide eyes and said "What is that for?!" and then said "Do you pay people to go to church here? Cool!" (Probably shouldn't have said that, huh?) When suddenly from across the room, a lady said "NO! Not that guy!" Awkward! Seems that another parishioner had come upon bad times, and this nice man wanted to help. So, needless to say, it was definitely a memorable experience, and I would definitely go back to the church for praise and worship services.

After church, we went to lunch in Roslyn, where we enjoyed a great meal at "The Brick." If you're ever in Roslyn, I highly recommend the burgers at the Brick. I made our friends trek over (okay, Roslyn is only a few blocks long, so it wasn't really a trek...) to see the "famous" wall painting that was featured in the show Northern Exposure. Good times.

We came home from our weekend exhausted but recharged. I loved it. A weekend away was exactly what the doctor ordered. I took some beautiful photos, and will post them shortly.

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