Monday, January 28, 2008

Serene Seattle Snow

The big news here in the Seattle area today was a morning snow storm (of sorts). Yep, we got one of our typical January snow storms that blew in and then melted away.

I like snow. I especially like the beautiful quiet and serenity that comes just after the snow has fallen... have you ever noticed that? How wonderfully peaceful it is just after the snow has fallen? I love that part of snow.

One of the other things that I love about Seattle snow (and weather in general) is how quirky it is... you can go a mere 10 miles away, and the weather will be absolutely like night and day. For example, in Bothell, they may have gotten 4 inches of snow, while in Bellevue, it was barely an inch. And if you wait a few hours, it's like it never snowed at all. Totally weird, and totally cool all at the same time. I love Seattle snow, don't you? :-)

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