Thursday, December 20, 2007

Unwarranted Dread?!

Have you ever seen an e-mail pop into your inbox and you've just dreaded opening it, for fear of the body of the message or how you will react to it? Well, I had that happen this morning... the message was sitting there staring a me, and my brain was totally twisting around all of the options and my potential reactions. I went out of my way to avoid opening the message, just knowing that the message was going to make me cry or something. I practiced the art of avoidance for a little while, letting the dread build up in my system.

And all of it was for not. The tears never came, and actually, the message made me smile and do a little happy dance in my office (it's early, so I can do the happy dance without my coworkers seeing me and knowing that I'm weird...). The message had the absolute opposite reaction than I had anticipated, the dread was totally unwarranted.

So, are there things in your life that you're dancing around because you're dreading the reaction? Take it from me: you might be better off just attacking it head on. After all, your reaction may be WAY more positive than you think. It was for me, the unwarranted dread just turned out to be a waste of brain cells, and the happy message made my morning bright. Welcome to another great day!

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