Tuesday, July 25, 2006

Drive Safely...

You know, I don't always like driving at night. It's not because I'm a single woman alone in a car, or because I think that someone is going to get me. Nope, it's that I don't like the glare of other people's headlights and what it does to my vision.

Alas, one company thinks that women don't like to drive at night because they're single and alone in their cars. And here is their answer: the blow-up man. Seriously, you can't make this stuff up. Some marketer did a survey of (scared) women, and came up with the blow-up man as a solution? Get real... Ladies: feel empowered on your own: drive at night without the blow-up man. You can do it! (Heck, we've all been doing it for years before this...)


Anonymous said...

Oh yeah, an inflatible man is going to make me feel safer.

KT said...

Finally a man that you can count on. At least he is good for something - more than I can say for some of the men I have dated!

Dominic Ebacher said...

You interest me, I am glad to wish you happiness!

Peace and Love.

Dominic Ebacher