Sunday, July 23, 2006

Dog Days of Summer

As I write this, it's approximately 95 degrees in my condo. It's approximately 80 degrees outside. Something's wrong with this picture. Every year at this time (or at the time that it hits unreasonably hot in the Seattle area), I start thinking that I need to buy an air conditioner. And then I look at the price tag ($300!?!? Are you kidding me?) and I think that I can withstand the heat for the 5 days a year that it hits above 80 degrees. Maybe, just maybe, I can't, though. Or maybe that's just the heat and sunburn talking right now... who knows?

Either way, it's been a great summer here in Seattle, and I'm digging the sunshine. The heat, no, the sunshine, yes. Keep it coming, God. I'm loving the sunshine!

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