Sunday, August 30, 2009

Summer Vacation

I'm sitting here in denial that our week-long vacation is coming to an end. Lennie and I had the good fortune to spend 7 days in a small cottage in the town of Birch Bay, Washington. Birch Bay is less than 10 minutes from the US / Canadian border, and is a sleepy beach community. Our cottage was cozy (read: tiny), but priced right for a week of rest and relaxation. Every night, we were treated to beautiful sunsets, and every day the sun shone down upon us. When the tide went out in the bay, we were able to walk the beach and explore small tide pools (not to mention take lots of photos!). It was wonderful... no, amazing.

I hadn't taken more than a full day off since the beginning of the year, so a week away from work was heavenly. To be able to slow down and have no agenda or plans was quite the treat. I finished three books -- the second and third books in the Twilight series and the Julie & Julia book -- and started a fourth book while on vacation. What fun to sit in the sun, overlooking the bay, and take in a good book! I also got to work on a knitting project that I hadn't visited in over three years, which was challenging but fun.

My parents came up for two nights, and happened into a great location less than a block from our humble cottage. It was a great place for them to stay, and thoroughly convenient for all of us. On Wednesday, we drove up to British Columbia, where we walked Crescent Beach in Surrey, and enjoyed a rooftop lunch in White Rock. Good times.

While the bed left something to be desired (and knots in our backs), the cottage and the vacation was just what Lennie and I needed to recharge.

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