Tuesday, May 19, 2009


For over two weeks now, I've had photos on my camera of the 2009 condo garden. They're still on the camera. I keep thinking "I'll get those posted in a little bit..." and a little bit has turned into quite some time. If the photos weren't trapped on my camera, you'd see the beautiful lavender, pansies, mini-roses, tomatoes, two kinds of basil, lettuce, and fuchsias. I'm quite proud of my handiwork, I must confess. Alas, the photos will be coming soon... I promise!

Lately, I've been pretty tired. Not sure why but I'll be humming along just fine and then out of nowhere I'm exhausted. Completely exhausted. Hopefully I can get to the bottom of the exhaustion problem, but until then please excuse me if I decline plans or simply don't respond to calls or e-mails after 8 p.m. -- I'm probably tired again. :-(

We're experiencing a downpour with thunder and lightning right now, not a regular Spring sight in these parts. I'm hopeful though, that the rains will feed my plants and help my garden grow. I'll keep you posted!

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