Friday, August 17, 2007

Identity Crisis

One of the things that can come along with getting married is getting a new name. In my world, it's like a package deal: "Husband 1.0 comes with new last name for you!" (* Some assembly required.) Sweet, I can handle this, right? Right. A few papers here and there, no problem.

Let me tell you: changing your name is a heck of a lot of work! I have done 95% of the work now, but I still feel like I'm in limbo -- when I talk to people that I already know, especially in a professional setting, how do I let them know that my name changed? Is it a footnote in the conversation? Do I correct them when they call me by my maiden name? When I leave voicemails, what last name do I leave in the message? Lots of questions, no great answers.

Okay, back to the "work" side of changing your name... there are a lot of places that you need to change your name, places that you never even think of... here's a sampling of places where your name is important:
  • Social Security (obvious, right?)

  • Driver's License (easy -- done in 30 minutes, and my photo is seriously HOT!)

  • Bank (I'll write another post about this one later... still in the middle of it!)

  • Passport (10 to 12 weeks? Yikes!)

  • Credit cards (Really? All I had to do was call the 800 number? Too easy!)

  • Insurance (Check.)

  • Car title (whooppsss, forgot this one!)

  • Grocery & other loyalty clubs

  • Airlines -- mileage plans, etc. (I'll write about this one in another post too...)

  • And the list keeps going, and going, and going, just like the Energizer Bunny!

I have to say, though, I am enjoying my new name -- it's really kind of growing on me!


Crystal Lynn said...

I'm so glad your'e a Majors Jill. Time to meet the crazy fam in Cali and then you are completely in like flynn!

Becky Carroll said...

Yes, it is amazing how the experience of changing your name is so different from place to place! What were your best/worst experiences? I would love to write about them in Customers Rock!

When I got married (almost 20 years ago now!), I think I left a message on my work voicemail indicating I had recently been married and what my new name was.

Good luck; it is worth the hassle!! :-)