Sunday, June 24, 2007

Bachelorette Party

So, I have some of the coolest bridesmaids in the land. (You may think that your friends rock, but mine would put them under the table in coolness.) We had a great time at the bachelorette party, and I learned that I actually like Goldschlager. Who knew that a shot with gold flakes could be so good. (Although, perhaps the 4 drinks before that made the Goldschlager seem tasty... was the booze setting in?) The other thing that I learned is that if you're wearing a feather boa, people pay attention to you... that one little gift from the girls resulted in a round of shots for the bridesmaids, and a free admission to Tia Lou's (at $10 a head, that boa paid for itself very quickly!). Sweet deal!

Thanks, ladies, for a great night! (Oh, and even though I'm a lightweight when it comes to drinking, I truly wasn't hungover the next day... go figure!)

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Crystal Lynn said...

Hi Jill! That was a great night. I can't beleive you weren't hung over. That's amazing. I hope you had the time of your life and you most definately look incredible in a purple feather boa. It works for it girl!