Thursday, December 14, 2006

Seattle Sunshine... err, Rain

So for the past few days, we've had some stormy weather in Seattle. To listen to or read the news reports, we're having wind storms and rains of epic proportions. While I wouldn't go that far, I will say that our building was rocking and rolling all day yesterday in the winds... I think I was starting to get sea sick! :-|

Alas, that's not the point of my post. I have discovered a new dimension in my people watching: umbrella watching. Yep, I have a new appreciation for umbrellas and all of the cool bumbershoots that are on the market. My current favorite is the super-over sized golf umbrella. I keep thinking that I should get one for myself (after all, not only does it keep you dry, but it could keep three of your friends dry too), but then I realize that the practicality of carrying it around when you're not using it (say, while you're on the bus), is not so great.

Understand, however, that my new appreciation for umbrellas goes against my Seattle grain. We used to joke that you could pick the tourists out in Seattle because they were the ones using the umbrellas. However, I'd have to say that I've turned over a new leaf... or I'm now a tourist... because I appreciate the good old fashioned bumbershoot given the "epic" weather that we're having.

Here's to staying dry! :-)

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